About Us

There are few things more symbolic of the southwestern Wisconsin countryside than the red barn. These icons have stood sentry for years over the pastures and cornfields near our home of Mineral Point and throughout the area. At a glance they are similar, but look closer, and you’ll see that they are as individual as the hardy farmers who made Wisconsin America’s dairyland. Like us, many of them are showing their age, and there aren’t as many around as there once was. But it doesn’t take long to find one standing proud, doing the job it’s done for generations.

We call ourselves Barnscrapers because, like the farmers who built these cathedrals, that is how we view our commitment to our customers. Service and quality are not mere buzzwords to us. They are our core beliefs. And whether it’s a home painting job or tent rental for your outside event, that’s the care and dedication you’ll receive from us.